Cleaning service trolleys

Cleaning service trolleys is the first multi-purpose line of trolleys completely made of polypropylene. Use 100%of space of your trolley, all tools always get the right place into the trolley. Hygienic, panels neatly separate the recycling section from the storage and cleaning one. Easy to clean thanks to round surfaces, first-quality plastic, completely smooth and covered Environment friendly as recyclable. Completely rust-free. Safe: doors and drawers with removable key protect from incorrect use and thefts all heproducts necessary to the operator, creating a safe environment. Modular, designed to satisfy any need of operators. Ergonomic, the operator can reduce bendings thanks to the structure, drawers and pedal set. Smart Design: essential and armonious lines. Several buckets with hermetic lids, sieve grids, drawers, bag-holders in the various combinations allow to use the trolley in different systems of surface cleaning, according to the specific environment.