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» E-Spray Electrostatic is a professional spray that uses the principle of electrostatic induction to spread disinfectant solutions, applying them on all surfaces.

» Viruses, bacteria and various pathogens spread steadily in corners. Effective with disinfection by hand, in the traditional way, is time consuming and requires high resources.

» E-Spray Electrostatic is a light and very convenient gun, powered by a lithium-ion battery, allowing for hygiene for several hours, freely and anywhere, without connecting to an electric power cord.

» The fast, mobile and even distribution of the disinfecting solution from E-Spray Electrostatic guarantees quality and time saving for hygiene of the premises.

» E-Spray Electrostatic is equipped with several types of nozzles, creating drops of different sizes to solve a variety of tasks.

» Its compact size allows the operator to apply the disinfectant mist in small areas such as bathrooms, toilets, elevators, offices, etc.

» Particle micronization saves a sanitizing solution of up to 65%, leading to an increase in service life.

» E-Spray Electrostatic improves the human experience, soothed and guaranteed by a hygienically treated environment.

Method of action:

The disinfectant solution is sprayed in the form of very small and light drops, reaching evenly to all points on the treated surface.

The electrostatically induced spray molecules of the disinfectant solution repel each other, maintaining an even distance from each other while at the same time being attracted to the surface to be treated.

The addition of an electrostatic charge allows the drops to be effectively attracted to the treated surfaces, creating an even, durable hygienic coating.

The fog cloud of charged micronized particles completely envelops surfaces even without the correct geometric shape, ensuring complete disinfection.

The kinetic energy of the charged particles is greater than that of gravity, so that they are immediately attracted to the treated surface and do not fall indiscriminately to the ground.

The cloud-fog of charged micronized particles completely envelops surfaces even without the correct geometric shape, ensuring complete disinfection.

After applying the disinfectant mist, the disinfectant solution is exposed for 10 seconds, after which the surfaces dry quickly without any traces.

Technical data:

Productivity theoretical sqm/h 350
Solution tank lt. 1
Nozzle shape type cone
Nozzle size mm 0,3 / 0,4 / 0,5
Tank autonomy min 22 / 12 / 8
Solution pump W 20
Power supply V 18 Li-ion Battery 2000 mAh (Standard)
18 Li-ion Battery 4000 mAh (Optional)
Battery charger V 18 V 2000 mA (Standard)
Battery run time up to h 8
Dimensions (L x h x w) mm 417x280x90
Spray gun ready to use kg 2,7

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