HydroPower Ultra S Filter for pure water

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» UNGER is a leading manufacturer of professional tools for sustainable cleaning with a zero carbon footprint worldwide.

» Unger HydroPower Ultra S is designed to produce clean water per unit of time easily, quickly and efficiently at a relatively low cost.

» UNGER HydroPower Ultra S successfully adds value to any professional glass cleaning kit.

» UNGER HydroPower Ultra S sets a new standard in deionizing filter technology designed to achieve clean, solid-free water needed for cleaning glass surfaces.

» The ULTRA RESIN filter removes minerals, hard micro-particles, calcareous impurities from the water, giving it softness with a particularly high cleaning efficiency. After use, the glass surfaces remain free of residues such as lime scale or water stains.

» The water purification technology consists of → a random inlet source with water flowing into a replaceable ULTRA RESIN filter element loaded with ion exchange resin. As a result of the contact of the water with the filter element, the solid micro-particles found in the incoming water stream bind together, thus subjecting to successful filtration. The generated pure water approaches the characteristics of distilled water.

» The special FloWater 2.0 technology helps the ULTRA RESIN filter element to make 100% contact of the incoming water with the ion exchange resin, guaranteeing the high working efficiency of the HydroPower Ultra S.

Main features distinguishing UNGER HydroPower Ultra S:

It has an integrated measuring device showing on a digital display, at any moment, the values of the hardness of the outgoing, purified water, respectively the residual operational resource of the filtering element.

Sturdy, non-rusting quick hose connections and shut-off valve ensure long-lasting easy and quick use in the field.

The ULTRA RESIN filter element is designed to be easily and quickly replaced with a new one within 1 min.

Practical shut-off valve prevents leakage of clean water during transport.

Pre-installed dynamic control ensuring optimal water output flow.

Easily portable, designed for use in a dynamic environment.

Example model of consumption rate: With an outgoing flow of clean water of 120 l/hour – cleaned area: about 100 m2/hour (when using quality cleaning devices).

Size: Base 30×31 cm / Height: 35 cm.

» The service life of the ULTRA RESIN filter element directly depends on the amount of volume and hardness of incoming water passed through UNGER HydroPower Ultra S.

Example characteristics of the filter element ULTRA RESIN:

Volume: 6 l.

Continuous operation: about 6 h.

Water purification capacity: about 750 l of clean water.

Cleaned glass surface: about 650 m2 (when used with quality cleaning devices)


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