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» FOBOPREN: Natural stones that are not treated, nor polished with lead or with other systems, are particularly sensitive to deterioration phenomena caused by multiple factors (environmental, climatic, exposure to traffic and staining agents), due to their porosity , which ranges from medium to extremely high. The porosity of a natural stone is given by the percentage ratio of the pore volume and the total volume of the stone itself. The pores in the stone can be partly communicating with each other, and of such dimensions as to allow, or not, the passage of water and therefore to make the stone more or less permeable. The intercommunicating pores present in permeable rocks, the most used for ornamental purposes, constitute a set of channels, in which the phenomenon of “capillary rising” occurs, due to the tendency of water to rise inside a pipe placed in contact with its surface, due to the adhesion forces that develop between the water molecules and the walls of the tube itself. Rising capillary moisture causes the progressive deterioration of natural stone surfaces, as it determines:

» The gradual increase in the size of the pores;

» The formation of cracks and the acceleration of erosion and chemical degradation phenomena due to the action of acid rain (carbonation and sulfation);

» The alteration of the aesthetic appearance due to the rising of the calcareous efflorescence resulting from carbonation;

» The appearance of damp spots, molds and traces of dirt. The rough stones therefore need a treatment that meets the following needs:

» Block the flowering of saline white efflorescences;

» Let the stone “breathe” allowing the transpiration of the humidity present in the floor and in the substrate;

respect the aesthetic qualities and the natural beauty of the stone. FOBOPREN is a water-repellent impregnating agent for untreated porous stone floors, which penetrates the surface porosities, covering them with a monomolecular protective film that repels water and humidity, thus providing an adequate treatment for the above requirements indicated. FOBOPREN has the property of penetrating into the stone material and of chemically binding, permanently, to the silicon present in the microcrystalline structure of the stone. The lattice resulting from this chemical reaction provides the following advantages:

» Blocks the soluble salts dissolved in the water in depth, preventing the white efflorescence from escaping;

» Prevents the penetration of water and rain from the outside;

» Makes rainwater run off, avoiding surface stagnation and eliminating the danger of algae and moss formation which makes the floor extremely slippery and unpleasant;

» Ensures the breathability of the stone floor, allowing the humidity present in the substrate to rise in the form of vapor and thus avoiding the development of interstitial pressures which could cause cracks, breaks and detachments from the substrate.


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