Industrial dry vacuum cleaners AS 40 KS

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GHIBLI AS 40 KS is an industrial vacuum cleaner operating in dry cleaning mode. Designed to absorb dust particles of different sizes and incoming kinetic energy. Movable, ergonomic, metal container with a volume of 40 Lt. provides collection, storage and removal of contaminants outside the work area.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with:

System for manual cleaning of the main filter element.

3 pcs. powerful vacuum motors for continuous, extreme work.

It has all the necessary structural components to ensure safe operation.

Double exhaust air filtration system with polyethylene and cartridge filter.

Manometric watch for visual control of the degree of contamination of the filter.

Stainless, impact-resistant metal construction of the supporting body equipped with a basket for storage of various cleaning accessories.

Standart equipment:

Steel pipe.

Round brush type.

Nozzle, funnel type.

Adapter to Ø50 mm.

Cartridge filter with an area of ​​0,4 m2.

Polyester filter bag with an area of ​​0,9 m2.

Diameter of all suction accessories – Ø50 mm.

Handle for manual cleaning of the polyester filter.

Suction, corrugated, flexible pipeline with a length of 3 m.

Floor nozzle, with adjustable pressure for dry cleaning, length 40 cm.

Option equipment:

Cartridge filter HEPA14 with an area of ​​1,06 m2.

Floor nozzle, with adjustable pressure for dry cleaning, length 50 cm.

Technical data:

Voltage /Frequency V 220-240 ~/50/60 Hz

Max power rating W 3450

Nominal power W 2900

Container capacity Lt. 60

Useful capacity Lt. 40

Filtering surface m² 0,5 (textile filter)

Filtering surface m² 1,06 (Cartridge filter)

Airflow rating Lt/s 150

Ghibli wet/dry vacuum cleaners. Be it coarse, damp or dry dirt, water or slime, there are no limits to Ghibli vacuum cleaners. A comprehensive range, up to three engines ranging from 1 to 2,9 kW, offers the ideal machine to suit any task in contract cleaning, workshops, trade and industry. Heavy-duty, efficient, designed to tackle the hard daily job with professional filtering systems, an ergonomic design, holders for hose, tubes and tools.


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