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Indoor air quality is up to 10 times worse than outdoor air!

Given that we spend an average of about 90% of our time indoors, this should not be taken lightly.

Air quality directly affects everyone who cares about their health and that of others.

The need to provide clean air guarantees the health and safety of people, makes life healthier, easier, more efficient in every way.

The degree of air pollution in the rooms where we live and work is a critical point for the spread of harmful pollutants.

There are invisible threats in the air that affect air quality, respectively our health (bacteria, viruses, dust, chemicals and CO₂), as well as the factors contributing to their development (humidity and air temperature).

To create a sustainable, healthy and comfortable environment in the room, we must optimize the internal conditions by making invisible pollutants.

Main key factors that affect our health through inhaled air:

Quantitative content of volatile organic compounds VOCs: Harmful gases, paints, detergents, construction materials, cosmetics, pesticides, etc. organic and inorganic odors.

Quantitative content of PM dust particles: Solid and liquid microscopic particles, dust, soot, smoke, fluid droplets, vapors, particles from industrial pollutants, exhaust gases from vehicles, etc.

Quantitative content of CO2 (Carbon dioxide): We exhale mainly carbon dioxide. When CO₂ levels rise, in places with heavy human trafficking, the avalanche becomes easier to facilitate the spread of microbes, bacteria, viruses and spores. High levels of CO₂ attacking the human immune system are a harbinger of serious health problems.


High or low humidity in the premises leads to respiratory difficulties. When the humidity is too high, the development of mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi increases proportionally. When the humidity is too low, the human skin becomes dehydrated, dry coughs and others appear.

Air temperature:

When the internal temperature is too high or too low, our environment becomes uncomfortable for people. The ideal daily temperature is 20°C to 24°C, depending on personal preferences.

The compact i-SENSE® PLUS is designed to monitor at all times the 5 key indicators determining indoor air quality.

Thanks to the convenient, communicative and user-friendly design, the display of the device informs with numbers, color coding and sound signal, the need to take action to change the state of the inhaled air.

An alarm from i-SENSE® PLUS is followed by simple but very important actions on our part, such as opening windows for ventilation, switching on / off various heating / cooling devices, short rest time, etc.

The i-SENSE® PLUS device provides the conditions for creating and maintaining a productive and healthy environment in which everyone feels comfortable and in a positive state of mind.

i-SENSE® PLUS is equipped with a lithium-ion battery ensuring the mobility of the device in time and space.


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