Pulex UniHandle Combination Squeegee, 35 cm.

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PULEX Unihandle is an innovative, ergonomic glass-cleaning device made of high-quality materials, which optimizes the time for washing glass surfaces.

Perfectly cleans surfaces thanks to the combined system of glass cleaning mop, abrasive component for removing stubborn contaminants, glass cleaning rubber pen (rail, strip), the ability to add a cleaning steel blade.

PULEX Unihandle allows the user to choose from multiple working angles to reach the hardest to reach places.

PULEX Unihandle has the unique system for rotating the working contact surface relative to the centerline of the handle. The patented system for fluid rotation, free (up to +/- 180°) or limited (up to +/- 150°), guarantees speed and efficiency of glass cleaning. The wide adaptive angle allows the tool to be adjusted to specific needs (-20°, -5°, 10°, 25°, 40°, 55°, 70°), also allows you to constantly fix the angle of rotation in 5 different positions (0°, +/- 45°, +/- 90°).

PULEX Unihandle is compatible with most professional rails (feathers) as well as conical tips on telescopic handles.

PULEX Unihandle combines three main accessories.

Microfiber bear with abrasive pad.

Metal wiper blade with soft rubber

Removable handle in all worktops.


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