Office vacuum cleaner i-vac 6

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» Non-breakable material and all attachments are assembled with screws, instead of rivets. Parking position for safe working on stairs. The wheels are made of shock absorbing materials.

» The HEPA (optional) filter will get rid of pathogens, allergens and particles that cause health issues that are often associated with asthma. Our ULPA (optional) filters are used in environments where a high standard of clean air should be maintained.

» Choose between the high power or low decibel settings. Low power can be a real lifesaver for operational daytime cleaning in busy offices.

» Patented Whizzo indicator. It makes a loud high tone when the bag is full or the vacuum is clogged. Additionally, it supplies the motor with cooling air to avoid temperature peaks.

» Flat nose tool without the need to adjust on different surfaces. Due to a very low profile, it can even reach underneath certain difficult areas. The flexible nylon material of the handle makes it robust and sturdy for the contract cleaning industry, especially combined with the detachable cable.

» A lot of dust, debris and tiny particles are picked up by the airstream of a vacuum cleaner while cleaning. The last thing you want is for those particles to exhaust back into the air. That’s why we have 3 types of filtration systems for different needs: Standard, HEPA and ULPA. Standard is perfect for day to day cleaning.

Technical specifications:

Wet / Dry



240 V

Motor power

850 W EU standart

Water lift/suction

2200 mm.

Air flow

50 Lt/sec. | 52 Lt/sec.

Sound level

62 dBA | 58 dBA


6 Lt.

Carry weight

6,8 kg.

Weight with cable

7,8 kg.

Size body (LxWxH)

39x38x36 cm.

Hose length

250 cm.

Cable length

15 m.

Detachable cord


Diameter of tools

Ø32 mm.

Material machine




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