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The Co-BoticTM 1700 robot vacuum cleaner is an innovative product that combines precise and efficient, predictable under-cleaning, combined with leading technologies, making the product one of the best in its class.

» Possibility for individual, pre-programming of the entire operating cycle ensures maximum cleaning efficiency at work.

Programming can be done using a mobile device, using the i-team professiona software product for Apple/Android.

Programmable positioning with GPS accuracy for the start / end point of cleaning, allowing “drawing” of the work map, room after room. You can easily not include in the cleaning plan areas where you do not want to enter the robot vacuum cleaner. Creating a cleaning work card ensures that there is no missed, uncleaned area.

With the help of the mobile application, you can divide the cleaning rooms into several virtual work areas and receive daily feedback on the current positioning of the robot and more. important momentary characteristics.

In “quick programming” mode, place the robot on the front door, start the machine and let it run, after cleaning, the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its starting point.

The mobile application also allows for online, instant control of the condition of worn parts and what service life they have left before they need to be replaced. It has full control over when the machine was last used and how long it has been in efficient operation.

» The robot vacuum cleaner has a unique “sense of direction” thanks to its many high-tech sensors that supply information to a central computer.

A laser radar sensor is positioned at the top of the machine, measuring the distance to objects in the room in time and space. The side TOF sensors provide analysis of distances and directions in the horizontal X and Y, as well as in the vertical Z surfaces. This 3D analysis allows the maximum optimization of the operational work card. Infrared sensors detect obstacles in the way of the robotic vacuum cleaner (wall or chair leg), correcting the cleaning path immediately. Fall sensors prevent the machine from “going down stairs”.

The analysis of all the factors accompanying the cleaning allows the central computer to control the robot vacuum cleaner with a high level of detail, reaching 80% efficiency.

» The Co-BoticTM 1700 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with absolutely safe lithium-ion batteries ensuring continuous operation for 4,5 hours. The battery charging time is 4 hours. With an additional set of batteries, the duty cycle is 24 hours / 7 days in the week.

» The Co-BoticTM 1700 robot vacuum cleaner uses a minimum power consumption of around 50 watts. At the same time, achieving equivalent cleaning results compared to other vacuum cleaners operating at a power of about 1000 watts. This indicator drastically minimizes the carbon footprint, giving an absolute advantage in environmental standards and a vision of our future.

The Co-BoticTM 1700 robot vacuum cleaner can be retrofitted (optional) with a docking station.

» Vacuum cleaner robot Co-BoticTM 1700 communicates with the docking station via Wireless Local Area Network, determining at any time their mutual location and the need to move the robot to the station depending on its energy reserve, the degree of filling of the container for collection and storage of pollutants and and the position at rest after the end of the entire operating cycle.

» The docking station provides:

charging the battery of the robotic vacuum cleaner.

vacuuming the vacuum cleaner collection and storage tank after vacuuming the sub-cleaning.

positioning at rest after completion of the full cleaning cycle.

Made in Netherlands.

Technical Specifications:

Power rate W 50
Voltage V 14,4
Suction Power Pa 2700
Duration time min. 270
Charge time min. 240
Sound Level dB 65
Speed m/s. 0,3
Obstacle crossing ability mm. 20
Max. Slope degrees 15⁰
Dust Bin volume ml. 400
Clean Area 160
Clean efficiency % 80%
RPM Main Brush rpm 1300
RPM Side Brush (clean) r/min 230±15%
RPM Side Brush (recharging) r/min 120±15%
Battery V/mAh 16,8
Dimension mm. 350×98


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