Professional hand brush with short handle for food industry IGEAX

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» The IGEAX Professional hand brush is designed for professional use in areas with the highest cleaning requirements.

» Multi-purpose cleaning brush, suitable for cooking areas, food industry machinery and equipment, workbenches.

» The IGEAX Professional hand brush is specially formulated to work in the food industry when implementing the HACCP system.

» The IGEAX Professional hand brush has a shock-resistant board, refractories, fiber bends, high temperature resistance, chlorine treatment and other high-alkaline preparations.

IGEAX was born from Ariston Cleaning Solutions, a family owned enterprise in its third generation. From a small reality of sorgum broom manufacturers, it has developed in a small-medium company which produces high-quality cleaning items, suppling both small and big company all over the world. IGEAX is the last evolution of the brand, and it's the sybol of the italian values of tradition and innovation they keeped since the start.


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