Super degreaser for organic and mineral contaminants in the food industry MUST

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» MUST is a fast, highly alkaline degreaser designed for basic cleaning and sustainable surface maintenance.

» MUST is suitable for cleaning in the food industry according to HACCP standards.

» MUST removes pollutants of organic and mineral origin.

» MUST minimizes operating time, leaving surfaces degreased and clean.

» MUST is intended for use in factories, supermarkets, kitchens, cooking areas, slaughterhouses, oil mills, dairy and confectionery industries, restaurants, warehouses, etc.

» MUST is suitable for cleaning all types of floors, walls and equipment resistant to highly alkaline detergents.

» MUST is successfully applied on marble, ceramics, porcelain, cement, cotton, granite, clinker, stone, steel, fiberglass.

» MUST is effective at low and very low concentrations, without the formation of unwanted foam during operation.

» MUST is applied manually in the traditional way with a cleaning mop.

» MUST is extremely suitable for use with cleaning machine, single-disc machine, water jet machines.

» It is not recommended to apply MUST on surfaces sealed with lacquer coatings, linoleum, rubber, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, painted surfaces.

For daily, sustainable cleaning: 0,5% solution (50 ml. of MUST per 10 Lt. of water).

For basic cleaning: 3-5% (300 – 500 ml. of MUST per 10 Lt. of water).

For work with underwater treatment and water jet machine: 1-2% (100-200 ml. of MUST per 10 Lt. of water).

Technical Specification:

Package 5 lt.
Physical Type Sky blue fluid
Aroma No
Specific weight: 1,92
pH of the concentrate 14
Solubility in water Complete
Biodegradability The surfactants contained in this preparation meet the criteria
for biodegradability under Regulation (EC) № 648/2004 on detergents.


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