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» We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, in rooms where we try to work and live. The air quality in these rooms is up to 10 times worse than in the open air, daily loading our immune system with hundreds of different invisible pollutants! One of the main factors influencing our health, well-being, living conditions and productivity is the ability to breathe clean and healthy air.

» I nvisible air pollution is a major threat to humans. These include particulate matter (PM), which is 99% invisible to the naked eye. They are particularly dangerous microbiological contamination, a mixture of solid and liquid particles, aerosols suspended in the air with a size of less than 10 microns in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as bacteria, viruses, molds, dandruff, body fluids, VOC’s , PM, fine powder and others.

» Viruses are transmitted between people through sneezing, coughing and even just breathing. The standard 80 μm. virus can travel between people within 1,5 m. Under certain conditions, such as ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc., particles smaller than 80 μm. are carried in the air. for hours.

» In the conditions of respiratory spreading pandemics, it was necessary to create the i-air PRO technology, which aims at low energy consumption, generation of high power and air suction speed from the floor level to the level of the highest point in the room, followed by double filtration, purification of the air from microbes (including viruses), pollen, VOC’s (chemical vapors) and bacteria, their subsequent neutralization by a chamber with biocidal, bactericidal and fungicidal action with UV C disinfection technology, after which the air is fed into the room is cleaned and free of viruses, microorganisms, dust particles, etc. unwanted contaminants.

» MERV is a unit of measurement used to describe the efficiency with which filters retain particles of a certain size from the air flow. The higher the MERV index, the higher the efficiency of the filtered particles. i-air PRO has the highest class of supply air, MERV 19, corresponding to 99.99999% efficiency on 3 micron particles for a room of 500 m2.

Freedom of action, fun, pleasure, lightness, speed, quality, comfort, no problems ........ united in one name i-mop.


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