I-fogger disinfection technology

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» The i-fogger is a machine device that effectively helps control the spread of pathogens indoors. With the help of i-fogger, surfaces with minimal energy resource per unit time are disinfected.

» I-fogger produces and sprays a disinfectant spray (fog) that neutralizes airborne microorganisms and viruses in the room. The excellent mobile characteristics of the device help to easily and quickly reach the aerosol disinfectant to any hard-to-reach surfaces.

» The i-fogger has a powerful motor that maximally accelerates the formation of a dense and saturated disinfectant mist.

» Designed for large-scale disinfection of places with heavy human trafficking, such as industrial premises, hospitals and schools, gyms, vehicles, aircraft, ships, buses, shopping malls, etc.

» Interchangeable nozzles allow control of the intensity of the mist under any specific conditions, ensuring the contact of the disinfectant with everything in the air and on the surfaces, making the work with the i-fogger as effective as possible.

» Traditional high-efficiency sprayers use propane as an energy source, which has low environmental and ergonomic performance.

» I-fogger works with a completely safe for the working and the environment energy source – a battery of the type of batteries built into mobile phones, ensuring environmentally friendly and safe operation of the device.

Technical specifications:

Weight (w/o water and battery kg. 7,9
Battery weight kg. 1,3
Size main body (l x w x h) mm. 200x295x225
Size main body (including harnass) mm. 300x600x315
Tank Capacity lt. 3,5
Spray distance m. 5 ~ 6
Spray volume ml/min. 80 ~ 175
Duration time nozzle 1,5 mm. hole min. 20
Duration time nozzle 1,0 mm. hole min. 25
Duration battery min. ~ 50
Charge time hours 2,5
Speed of spray ml/minute 175
Hose length meters 1,2
Droplet size μm. 20 ~ 150
Spray nozzles mm. 0,3; 0,5; 0,8; 1,0
Machine power w 450
Pump v DC 24
Pump w 5
Pump ml/min. 100
Main body material material LDPE
Spray handle material material Aluminum

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