Floor-cleaning robot CO-BOTIC™ 45

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» When it comes to balanced, happy and healthy people, it is always mentioned about the presence of a high degree of hygiene in the environment they live in.

» Co-botic™ 45 is an intelligent robotic floor-cleaning automatic machine.

» Co-botic™ 45 is your perfect cleaning assistant, responsible for the hygiene of a floor surface with an area of up to 1500 m2 with a single charge of its battery and tank.

» Co-botic™ 45 is a robotic technology of the latest generation called by its creators Co-botic.

» Co-botic is not designed to replace 100% human labor. Co-botic is designed to collaborate sustainably with the hygienist. Co-botic relieves the hygienist’s overall workload by performing repetitive, time-consuming, monotonous and tedious cleaning operations when cleaning large floor areas. In this way, the hygienist avoids injuries from overloads, improves his personal ergonomics, providing himself with the opportunity to direct his abilities and energy elsewhere.

» The main functions that distinguish Co-botic™ 45 from other automated homoids are:

    Ready to work within 3 min.

Morning, day, night he works diligently without “complaining”. When the cleaning capacity (battery/detergent) runs out, an immediate remote notification follows. Replacing the exhausted battery with another charged one takes place in seconds, detergent is charged in a few minutes and back to work with a smile!

  On call for work 24/7

  It is never lost in time and space. With its accompanying software product, co-botic creates a map of the area designated for floor cleaning. On its initial sweep along the cleaning trajectory, the co-botic stores the entire route as well as additional details and features in its memory. In this way, the possibility of losing or skipping the cleaning of a section of the area entrusted to him is eliminated.

  You can reach the heart of co-botic in 3 min.

All components are designed to be easily, intuitively and quickly accessible without additional tools? Filling or emptying the tanks, changing the cleaning brushes, replacing the batteries, etc. manipulations are performed with a few clicks.

   ⇒ Taking care of Co-botic™ 45 with love, it will take care of you wholeheartedly and unreservedly!

  Collaborative teamwork between true friends.

While the Co-botic™ 45 goes miles in cleaning, the hygienist has all the time to focus on the hard-to-reach places that require more concentrated attention to detail.

  Cleaner, greener, safer with the lowest carbon footprint.

           The Co-botic™ 45 uses only 4 liters of water for its floor-cleaning activity, providing the same level of cleaning and performance as a traditional floor-scrubber, which requires around 50-60 liters of water.

          The Co-botic™ 45 uses only 240 Watt/hour, while a traditional underfloor washer uses 1000 Watt/hour.

          Co-botic™ 45 can floor-clean without turning on the lighting in the room where it works.

          Co-botic™ 45 protects the hygienist from the stressful position with a mop and hygiene trolley, depriving the intervention of occupational health inspectors.

» Analysis and continuous scanning of the area intended for cleaning.

» If in the process of work, along the cleaning route, the Co-botic™ 45 meets transparent vertical walls (windows or open doors), mirrors or stairs, the protective reflex “look in depth” activates, instantly changing the direction of movement in a safe direction.

Freedom of action, fun, pleasure, lightness, speed, quality, comfort, no problems ........ united in one name i-mop.


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