Hotel Hygiene

The modern hotel industry has a wide range of regulations to ensure high quality hotel services in accordance with the requirements of applicable law, constantly adhering to certain sanitary and hygienic, anti-epidemic rules and regulations.


Constant trafficking in customers can create conditions for the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, as they may include both patients and carriers of pathogens or people with deleted diseases (without clinical manifestations).

Consequently, it is necessary to pay close attention to the observance of the sanitary regime, precise regular cleaning and timely disinfection of the critical points of contamination, where it is necessary to require additional, effective cleaning with subsequent disinfection.

The right choice of technologies for cleaning and disinfection, the impeccable cleanliness of the rooms and the hotel as a whole, the neatness of the staff, increases the status of the hotel itself and the popularity among visitors.

The effective sanitary regime in the hotel is regulated by "Specific rules for sanitary maintenance of each hotel". At you can find technologies, equipment and machines for cleaning and disinfection according to the current, modern pandemic conditions in which the world finds itself.